Commercial & Residential

Commercial & Residential

From touching up the existing landscape for the new year to designing an entirely new look, we will create a functional and beautiful outdoor environment for you to enjoy.  Quality in design and great customer services is what Benson Lawn and Landscaping is built on.  Our landscaping specialist will help make your dream lawn a reality.

Landscape Design

With nearly a decade of experience, our Sioux Falls landscapers will design the perfect outdoor living space the fills your needs and stays within budget. Our process involves looking at the entire property - including looking at existing structures and architecture - to make sure the finished elements fit. The right landscape planning involves selecting the right plants for the environment.

Common South Dakota Techniques, Features, Materials

While every project is different, there are common techniques, features, and materials that are used in South Dakota. The right machinery and tools can make all the difference for meeting timelines. Common elements that are included might include:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Paver Stones and/or Brick
  • Lighting Elements
  • Water Features
  • Gardens
  • Gazebos or other Wood Construction
  • Gravel, Sand, Rock and Even Concrete (More Hardscape Material Translate to Less Mowing!)

How To Choose The Right Landscaper

Many contractors and companies do not have the proper equipment or experience to achieve the end result while keeping costs where they need to be. Machinery like skidsteers and trenchers are common, as are old fashioned shovels. Benson's Lawn and Landscaping has the right tools to handle any commercial or residential landscaping project, the experience to know how to do it right, and the right staff to get it done.


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