Dead spots in lawn. Need help/advice!

Last summer pretty much killed the lawn in my backyard. Anyone have any suggestions for getting this thing back in shape? I've fertilized the yard to kill the weeds, but need to figure out what to do next to get some grass growing in the bare spots (which I probably can't for a few weeks now since it was recently fertilized).

Pictures of said backyard/lawn here: I'd be happy to upload more if needed.

Any thoughts/advice? Thanks in advance!


Aeration and seeding. Any lawn care professional could help with this or you can rent the aerator and seeder and then DIY.

It looks like your soil is compacted which is why the grass isn't growing, and this would also be why weeds are growing.

I honestly think having a local professional stop by wouldn't hurt. Even just for one application of aeration and overseeding and then while they are there ask them whats going on. Most good companies would stop to walk the lawn and talk with you about it all.

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