What are some free or very cheap ways to improve my lawn?

I am a relatively new homeowner and my lawn is in decent shape but I'd really like to make my front lawn look as good as possible. I have next to no budget for my lawn but I have plenty of time I can spend working on it. Any suggestions?


The best suggestion? Let your grass grow taller - seriously!

If you allow your lawn to grow taller, its' root system will grow just as long. The lawn will then out-compete the weeds (1-2 years) and BOOM 85% of your weed issues are gone.

After mowing, do a soil test to see what pH level your soil is. Grass likes a pH between 6.8-7.2 and there are many inexpensive soil tests out there such as the one Natural Alternative offers.

The soil test will tell you what your soil is lacking, soil feeds the grass, grass will choke out the weeds if it is given ideal conditions.

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